It’s a digital world

Your own custom URL for your online card
such as

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Your own personalized QR Code
pointing to your online business card

FREE account includes
● Your own URL (see sample) links to your business card

● Your own QR Code logo (see sample) links to your business card

● Your downloadable VCARD linked to your business card

● You may migrate to an Upgraded Account at anytime

● Email tech support - and YES, we will really respond and help!

UPGRADED (paid) Account Features
● Your customized URL (see sample) links to your business card

● Your personalized QR Code (see sample) links to your online card

● Your downloadable VCARD linked to your business card

● Attach additional documents: resume, published works, photos

Secure email address, your custom name and 1gb storage. A great way to preserve your online-privacy - use this email address on your public-facing online card and downloadable VCARD *

Unlimited updates to business card, VCARD and other documents

COMING SOON: Backup/restore of phone contacts, automatically update phone contact information (new phone #, email address, etc) when changes are posted. Notification system will send your changes to your contacts, if you update your phone #, email address, mailing address, etc., you’ll no longer have to tell everyone, we’ll do it for you.

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* Secure email address: This is a secure email address that will run with our webmail, POP3 or imap configurations (Outlook, Thunderbird, iphone, etc., all work). There is ZERO privacy-invasion of your email, this is a 100% address.

Visit for more information on our professional email services.


Custom URL
Personalized QR
Secure email

you work remotely, you work online

paper business cards are obsolete

Let LKBE create your online electronic card

An online business card, or digital card, is the business card of today
View your card online, then a
click and you are saved in your clients contacts
Not lost, not tossed in the garbage, and no printing new cards when things change

Let LKBE put your digital card online with access via your own URL and QR Code

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